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We provide top of the line commercial grade LED lights, clips, cords and a timer. We cut them to fit your house and set the timer to come on and off when you want. The Installation, Removal, Maintenance and Storage are all part of the service. We remove the lights when the Holidays are over.

Our design process lets you see a visual representation of what you can expect your lights to look like, on YOUR house. We will provide a few options including the full roof line or just the front gutter line if desired. We can customize your design.

Our prices are based off the linear foot of installed lights so it varies from house to house. On average a basic design will start  at $500 and go up from there depending on the length of the installed lights.

Due to the extra time it would take to work with a different type of product and the increased liability, we will only install lights  we provide. New or old, we politely decline installing any customer supplied items.

No, our service includes removal and storage of the lights once the holidays are over. We even offer a discount for next year’s  installation!

We will come by and fix any lights that need attention.

White (Cool or Warm), Blue, Green, Red or Multi-Color

They are not. In a sense, we are “Leasing” our Christmas lights to our customers. This allows us to maintain our product in a  manner to keep them within Warranty from the manufacturers so that we can install them for many years to come!

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