Maintenance Plans


At Parkhurst Outdoor Lighting, we feel you have better things to do with your time than mess with your outdoor lighting system.  To help you, we offer service plans for any professional grade lighting system. These plans range from quarterly to bi-annual visits. Our pricing covers all labor and materials as well as waiving any service call fees making the process easy and hassle free.  

The harsh Florida weather can take its toll on outdoor lighting systems.  All systems need attention and having a maintenance plan is the only way to completely protect your investment.  While the weather and landscapers may work against you, Parkhurst Outdoor Lighting is working for you and protecting your investment utilizing our 6 step maintenance program.

  • Core System Check – Check that all lights are working properly.
  • Transformer – Check connections and clean transformer box.
  • Service Lights – Clean lenses and light fixtures. Over time the lenses can develop a film that needs to be addressed to keep the optimal light illuminating from the fixture.
  • Adjustments – Adjust and reposition/move lights as necessary as trees and bushes can potentially impact their original placement in the lighting design.
  • Wires – Ensure wires remain buried in beds and re-bury if necessary.
  • Trimming – Lightly trim/prune bushes to maintain optimal light output.
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